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Baby Formula Reviews: What Member’s Mark® Moms Have to Say

Moms across the country are telling us why they chose Member’s Mark® Infant Formula at Sam’s Club®. Read some of their baby formula reviews below.

"It has all the necessary nutrition and vitamins the baby needs to grow."
- Valentina M. (Illinois)
"It is just a great product and we will not stop using it."
- Emily G. (Indiana)
"I am so thankful and greatful that there is such a great and affordable baby formula out there."
- Joy S. (Virginia)
"My husband and I were at Sam's Club and saw the Member's Mark formula brand, tried it and have used it ever since."
- Nicolas J. (Pennsylvania)
"Comparing the nutritional information Member's Mark was about the same as the twice as expensive Enfamil Formula."
- Liz S. (Colorado)
"Thanks to Member's Mark Fomrula, I can afford to give him what he needs to grow into a strong young man!"
- Bethany A. (Georgia)
"I recommend this baby formula to anyone. I now feed my 2nd baby the same thing and he is doing great."
- Amy F. (Wisconsin)
"My son is growing and thriving and just doing wonderful on the Member's Mark Formula brand."
- Erica C. (Pennsylvania)
"We appreciate knowing that she is getting all the nutrients she needs - for half the cost!"
- Sarah P. (Minnesota)
"Now we can spend the extra money we've saved on things for the entire family."
- Kelly M. (Iowa)
"I was told about the money savings of Member's Mark and I immediately switched."
- Tanya B. (Wisconsin)
"I bought a can to try it out, and we've been hooked ever since."
- Wendy R. (Alabama)
"We love the formula, the BIG can, so you don't have to go to the store as often! Not to mention the PRICE."
- Kristin L. (Minnesota)
"It is nice to know that I can give her high-quality nutrition at a reasonable cost!"
- Deanna S. (Kansas)
"Her doctor says to keep up the good work, because she is very healthy."
- Jennifer M. (Indiana)
"I bought a can and almost immediately her spitting up improved!"
- Marcie D. (Georgia)
"Thank you for helping me keep my kids healthy and strong with your products and great price."
- Stacey C. (California)
"After comparing labels and prices, we are now hooked on Member's Mark Infant Formula."
- Allison M. (Illinois)
"We did our research ahead of time, read baby formula reviews, and joined a Sam's Club so that we could start saving right away."
- Tara F. (Connecticut)